Nairobi West hospital launches first bone marrow transplant in Kenya

Nairobi West hospital launches first bone marrow transplant in Kenya

Nairobi West hospital launches first bone marrow transplant in Kenya

Nairobi West Hospital has launched the much waited the first ever bone marrow transplant in the Country.

Bone Marrow Transplant is a special therapy that has been used successfully to treat diseases such as blood cancer (leukemia), lymphomas, aplastic anaemia, immune deficiency disorders, and some solid tumor cancers since 1968.

Speaking during the event, Dr. Andrew Gachi, Chief Medical Director – The Nairobi West Hospital said that the hospital  aims to provide broad-ranging, integrated and patient-centric services for the diagnosis and management of all kinds of blood disorders in adults and children, including cancers of the blood.

He said that an effective bone marrow transplant unit backed by world leading specialists could make Kenya a medical tourism destination.

He said that they have assembled internationally recognized transplant specialists who embrace the values of innovation, collaboration, confidentiality, empathy, integrity, and focus on providing comprehensive care to all patients.

Dr. Andrew Gachi further noted that the launch of the BMT programme at Nairobi west hospital aim to be the leading BMT unit not only in East Africa, but across Africa

“The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit is an integral part of The Nairobi West Hospital, one of Kenya’s leading Level 6B multidisciplinary hospitals. The hospital aims to provide easy access to bone marrow transplants as a possible cure for patients with complex blood disorders.

Dr. Kibet Shikuku, Chief Consulting Pathologist for The Nairobi West Hospital, further expounds that “The cancer burden is rising globally, exerting significant strain on populations and health systems at all income levels. Being diagnosed with blood cancer can bring fear, frustration and uncertainty. When detected and treated early however, blood cancer can be treated successfully. We are fortunate to have local healthcare providers like The Nairobi West Hospital which offers an effective and holistic treatment plan for patients.”

Dr. Guarav Dixit, Head of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at The Nairobi West Hospital said that other emerging indications that can be treated with BMT include Multiple Sclerosis and Pediatrics immunodeficiency.

“It is important to note that this therapy is evidence-based across the globe, and now readily available in Kenya to all who may need it in a world class facility that can rival many in the west. “He said.

The hospital has been leading number one hospital in East Africa in offering specialized treatments.

In 2021, The Nairobi West Hospital unveiled a 24-hour customized helipad to bolster medical emergency services targeting a growing local and international demand.

The facility which is a first of its kind in the country boost the hospital’s ability to respond to medical emergencies by facilitating air evacuations in the country and across the East Africa region.

The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Gachie, said the lifesaving resource will speed up access to medical services, especially for critically ill patients.

The hospital has state of the art laboratories, a 78-bed ICU facility and six operational among other features

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