Optiven’s Remarkable World Habitat Day Celebration in 2023

Optiven to Mark 24 Years of Transforming Communities

Optiven to Mark 24 Years of Transforming Communities

In a notable gesture of commitment to sustainable urban development and the well-being of all residents, Optiven, a prominent player in East Africa’s real estate sector, participated in the global observance of World Habitat Day on the first Monday of October in 2023.

This year’s theme, “Resilient Urban Economies: Cities as Drivers of Growth and Recovery,” resonated with Optiven’s mission and values.

The theme emphasized the indispensable role that cities play in fostering economic growth and recovery.

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George Wachiuri, the visionary Founder and CEO of Optiven Limited, expressed the organization’s steadfast dedication to advancing the development of resilient urban economies.

During an interview, Wachiuri shed light on the ongoing endeavors undertaken by Optiven in this pursuit.

He noted that these efforts encompass affordable housing initiatives, sustainable infrastructure projects, and job creation.

Wachiuri articulated, “We firmly believe that cities serve as the engines of economic growth and development. That’s precisely why we are wholeheartedly committed to supporting the establishment of resilient urban economies that bring prosperity to all residents, including our very own Ushindi Gardens in Nakuru.”

He also stressed that Optiven’s participation in World Habitat Day served as a poignant reminder of the paramount importance of sustainable urban development and equitable access to housing.

Optiven has been actively contributing to these vital objectives by making housing more attainable for Kenyan citizens through a range of affordable housing projects.

Moreover, Optiven is at the forefront of sustainable infrastructure initiatives.

Wachiuri highlighted Optiven’s dedication to fostering employment opportunities for Kenyans as a pivotal aspect of their mission.

He added that Optiven’s participation in World Habitat Day epitomizes its unwavering commitment to sustainable urban development, access to affordable housing, and economic growth—a commitment that reverberates not only in Kenya but across the entire East African region.

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