Azziad Nasenya , Shix Kapienga among the Cast of ‘Pink Ladies Show ‘ on StarTimes

Azziad Nasenya , Shix Kapienga among the Cast of 'Pink Ladies Show ' on StarTimes

Azziad Nasenya , Shix Kapienga among the Cast of 'Pink Ladies Show ' on StarTimes

StarTimes has announced a new drama series as part of its 2023 content line-up. The new drama series titled Pink Ladies boasts star studded cast with some of the top actors leading the cast, the show is set to air on Rembo TV starting this November.

The series is headlined by Azziad Nasenya (Cecilia), Shix Kapienga (Trizah), Doreah Chege (Anne), Pascal Tokodi (Charlie) and newcomer Brenda Gesare (Stephanie). The show is directed by Reuben Odanga who is responsible for some of the biggest movie and television hits in Kenya.

Pink Ladies revolves around four single women who find themselves navigating the complexities of life, friendship, relationships, career and finances. Each one with their own background story, motivations and strengths. When they decide to move in together, this provokes fun plot twists and laugh out loud moments .

There is jealousy, petty arguments, selfishness but they unite in love and encourage growth amongst themselves. They are simply “Human beings”.

Dorea takes center stage as the main character, Anne who craves for affection and is determined to get married. Azziad Nasenya plays fashion conscious and stylish Cecilia who desires the finer things in life,  Shix brings to life Trizah  a typical tomboy with no interest in relationships and focused on her career one exudes attractiveness and  while Brenda Gesare’s Stephanie is a youthful trendsetter obsessed with all things fashionable (Stephanie).

This series also features Pascal Tokodi as Charlie a charming gentleman who the ladies will have their eyes set on, other notable features include Jimmy Gathu amongst others.

“This show is a captivating watch, the audience should expect a high-energy show that resonates with today’s culture, and also great performances from the cast. It has love, romance, comedy and drama! All the elements that deliver a great show,” says the show director Reuben Odanga

StarTimes strategic plan to grow its slate of local drama titles and maintain its track record as a storyteller and content creator has been one of the main draw for the media company’s subscribers with previous local drama such a Nia and Kiu, enjoying great resonance with subscribers.

Pink Ladies” promises to be a binge worthy show and will air every Monday to Friday from 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Rembo TV exclusively on StarTimes at DTT channel 113 and DTH channel 484.

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