Amos Gathecha:A Civil Servant With A Heart Of Gold


1)Tell us a bit about yourself:

I graduated from the University Of Nairobi in 1989 with a Bachelors Degree In Arts and joined the service in 1990.Immediately after I joined the national defense college for further training then I got my Masters In International Studies from The University Of Nairobi.

I always wanted to be in public administration.I started out as a DO, a DC,a county commissioner then the PS public service.My office is the engine of the government and ensures everything runs smoothly and policies are implemented in the government.

2)What do you love the most about your line of work? I love my work and I believe it is my calling.My heart is for the people

3)Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?I have done my part as a public servant and I would like to retire and be a consultant in the next 10 years.I would like to uplift the people even after I retire.

4)What is the secret to your success?I love helping people genuinely and honestly from my heart.When you come to my office I will ensure that you are helped and are satisfied and your problems are solved.

5)Who your inspiration and role model?Francis Muthaura is my role model because he is a simple guy,honest and morally upright.

6)What would you like your legacy to be?That I served people whole heartedly and made lives better by creating jobs and retirement benefits for civil servants.

7)What message do you have for Kenyans?Do the right thing all the time and be morally upright

8) What are your social media handles?@AmosGathecha

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