Mr. Hyun WooK Ma CFO Samsung Electronics East Africa and Mr. Eom Ikhyun Managing Director Korea Trade Center at the Korean Food Festival in Village Market

Nairobi, Kenya 23rd October 2023… Samsung, a global leader in consumer electronics and technology, participated in Kenya’s K-Food Festival, held at the Village Market in Nairobi. This festival brought together business leaders and food enthusiasts from both nations, creating a platform for robust economic collaboration. It seamlessly blended technology, culture, and culinary traditions, with the aim of strengthening trade ties.

The Festival is seen as a stepping stone in furthering the trade and diplomatic relations between South Korea and Kenya. Its success is a testament to the growing interest and appreciation for South Korean cuisine and culture in Kenya, and it is expected to lead to an increase in trade and investment.

The Festival provided a remarkable platform for fostering cultural diversity and promoting community engagement while showcasing the powerful impact of technology in enhancing experiences. The festival attracted a diverse audience, reflecting the increased interest in Eastern flavors from Kenya and beyond. It featured a wide array of traditional dishes, street food, and contemporary cuisine, all of which were highlighted with a touch of technology to delight the taste buds of everyone in attendance.

Samsung played a pivotal role in the festival, exemplifying the company’s commitment to enhancing lives through innovation and technology. This event provided present guests with the opportunity to embrace and celebrate Korean culture through its captivating culinary traditions, thanks to the innovative use of technology in food preparation and presentation.

reporting by JAMES MUTUA

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