Shem Ochuodho:Taking Diaspora Investment To The Next Level


For more than a decade Shem Ochuodho has been in the Kenyan political scene.As a member of parliament he has helped members of the community by educating young children,helping the sick and defending widows.

Having started out as MP,he was always praised for his heart of gold and outstanding leadership skills.He built and implemented many projects with members of the public in mind.

He ensured that only policies that benefited the people drastically passed and reduced poverty levels in his constituency.He was recently appointed as the chairman of the diaspora committee.

In an exclusive interview he told us,”We are here to protect the rights of Kenyans working abroad.They remit alot back home and we want to make sure what they send back is protected.”

He added,”Kenyans in the diaspora should feel free to reach out to us.We will stand with you and our main purpose is to support you in any way we can.”

Mr Ochudho has been actively helping Kenyans who are working abroad through the diaspora remittance committee.He has been educating them on the importance of paying their taxes and investing back home.

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