StarTimes Enhances Content Selection with Four Premium Channels

StarTimes Enhances Content Selection with Four Premium Channels

StarTimes Enhances Content Selection with Four Premium Channels

Pay Television provider StarTimes Media has introduced four premium international channels from Warner Bros Discovery, aiming to enhance subscribers’ television viewing experience progressively.

The four channels introduced are: Discovery, Boing, TLC, and the revival of the classic channel – Investigation Discovery.

StarTimes’ CEO, Mr. Carter Luoh, highlighted that these new channels complement the already extensive content catalog available to subscribers through the platform’s terrestrial, satellite, and online streaming service StarTimes ON, all at affordable subscription rates.

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He emphasized the long-standing partnership between StarTimes and Warner Bros Discovery, reflecting their shared vision of offering diverse and captivating entertainment options to their audiences.

“Families and entertainment enthusiasts can look forward to an entirely fresh and engaging entertainment landscape.” Luoh stated.

He added that the newly introduced channels cover a wide range of content, including non-fiction documentaries, family and children’s shows. Whether your interests lie in science, technology, exploration, adventure, history, crime, real-life stories, comedy, or action, these channels offer programs tailored to your preferences and moods.

“These channels offer an array of content spanning non-fiction documentaries, family and children’s shows. Whether you seek science and technology, exploration, adventure, history, crime and justice, real-life stories, comedy, or action, you will discover programs tailored to your tastes and moods on these channels,” He added

Discovery Channel stands as the ultimate destination for inquisitive minds eager to explore the world’s wonders, diversity, and amazements. With top-tier production values and vibrant cinematography, Discovery Channel presents a unique blend of genres designed to captivate your attention.

Investigation Discovery (ID) serves as the premier crime and justice network on television, delivering the highest-quality programming that unveils the real people and stories behind the headlines. From chilling crimes to in-depth investigations and heart-rending mysteries, ID caters to the interests of true crime enthusiasts.

TLC serves as the home to remarkable real-life stories that highlight everyday heart, humor, hope, and human connections. Featuring programming that includes captivating families, heartwarming transformations, and life’s significant moments, TLC celebrates the richness and diversity of life and love.

Boing provides a vibrant playground where children can share wonderful stories with their friends. It offers a selection of comedy and action shows suitable for boys and girls aged 5 and older. The channel features spontaneous and humorous popular franchises, including international favorites like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ben 10 (classic), Codename: Kids Next Door, Dexter’s Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and Power Puff Girls (classic).

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) stands as a leading global media and entertainment company that creates and disseminates the world’s most distinctive and comprehensive portfolio of content and brands across television, film, gaming, and streaming. It is available in more than 49 African countries.

Additionally, StarTimes has introduced an exciting drama series called “Pink Ladies,” featuring talents like Azziad Nasenya, Shiks Kapyenga, Dorea Chege, and Pascal Tokodi, among others.

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