Biofarms General Manager John Murithi Says,”Biofarms Has Farmers At Heart & Pays Them In 24 Hours”


Who is John Murithi?I am the general manager of Biofarms Ltd a company that exports food and horticultural crops abroad.

What can you say is unique about Biofarms? What people love about our business is that we pay customers on time

What do you think about todays event and of Odoo? I think it has been successful we have used Odoo for a few years now and I can say that it is a good product.

Who is your inspiration and role model? My role model is my boss Daniel Nzyoka.

How is inflation affecting your business? Demand is growing in Europe and China. China has opened up and has set up manageable conditions for export.The market is huge out there and I would encourage farmers to keep on planting avocados.The market will be there and ready.

What amount of avocado do you export in a year? Avocados are seasonal but we have alot of avocados from March.The market goes down when there are no avocados in season.

What do you love the most about your job?I love the fact that we pay farmers on time and are able to uplift them.Farmers come to us and we guarantee loans for them in saccos and banks in Bomet.We do a letter to the banks asking them to advance them with money as they wait for their crops to mature.

Do you guarantee small farmers? Yes we work with big and small farmers.Sometimes we have farmers who have to wait for two years for their crops to mature we still guarantee them and help them in any way we can.

Why did you guys choose the name Biofarms? We are big on organic products.That is why we have Bio in our name.Our avocados are free from chemicals and are safe for consumption.We offer the very best when it comes to Avocados and other products.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? The company is set to grow and expand.We see ourselves helping more and having an impact on farmers.We want farmers to plant more Avocados and reap more.We also supply them with seedlings and have a nursery so that they can have access to good quality seeds for their crops.

What are your thoughts on the government taxing farmers? We hope that the government will not overtax them and will find a good balance.

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