Dr Abdifatah Ismael Tahir:A Revolutionary African Leader


Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am is Dr. Abdifatah Ismael Tahir.I am a research associate at the University Of Manchester and also a former member of parliament of Somalia.

How did you transition from politics to education?I was a scholar before I was a politician but I went back to academia.In academia we discuss ideas which one can implement in politics.

Do you miss politics and do you see yourself going back to politics?

I juggle between politics and education.Life and politics in the west is very different from life life in Africa.

Many African leaders admire you.What is the secret to your success?

I do not regard myself as an inspiration.I am just a normal guy who practices politics.I make mistakes like everyone else.The only difference is that I left office with my salary not a penny richer.

What would you like your legacy to be?

I would love a united Africa.I would like us to be integrated because each country has it’s own unique opportunities which citizens of other countries can benefit from.People should not require papers to live and work in any country in my opinion.It is the only way we can grow together as one nation.I would love if Ethiopia would also join the East African Community.

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