Soaring Eagles Program’s Amplified Impact Journey in 2024

Soaring Eagles Program's Amplified Impact Journey in 2024

Soaring Eagles Program's Amplified Impact Journey in 2024

As the world embraced the dawn of a new year just two weeks ago, the Optiven Foundation ushered in 2024 with a resounding declaration of success, heralding a transformative journey through its flagship initiative, the Soaring Eagles Program.

Celebrating its eighth year since inception, the Soaring Eagles Scholarship Program continues to stand as a beacon of hope for students, offering vital support tailored to their financial needs throughout the academic year, covering essentials such as textbooks and pocket money.

George Wachiuri, Chairman, and Trustee of the Optiven Foundation expressed that this year marks a pivotal moment for the organization.

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He said it signals a commitment to a transformative journey, emphasizing sustainable economic development with a focus on education and job readiness as the core pillars of change.

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Wachiuri highlighted the Soaring Eagles Program’s historical role as a beacon of hope for deserving students facing financial constraints.

Looking forward, he declared, “In 2024, the program pledges to amplify its impact with an expanded scholarship pool and a renewed dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion.”

Ann Nyagah, the dedicated coordinator of the Optiven Foundation, centers her work around supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 — ensuring quality education and lifelong opportunities for all.

Her mission is crystal clear: to empower bright minds and fuel academic journeys.

The investment in education, she emphasizes, not only fortifies communities and stimulates innovation but also acts as a catalyst for students to realize their highest potential.

Nyagah’s commendable efforts were recently acknowledged in the Corporate Career Academy, underscoring her unwavering dedication to the cause.

During holidays, as a certified counselor, Nyagah extends mentorship to equip individuals with soft skills that enhance self-esteem.

Through this unwavering commitment, the Soaring Eagles Program transcends mere empowerment; it actively shapes the future of Kenya, one eaglet at a time.

For those eager to partner with and support the impactful projects of the Optiven Foundation, avenues to connect include:


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