Meet Victoria Mulwa,CEO Arope Group The Top Back Ground Check Company In East And Central Africa


Victoria Mulwa CPP, PCI, PSP is the first lady ASIS triple crown board Certified Security Professional in East and Central Africa. She is also the chairlady of the ASIS Women in Security Kenya Chapter. A board member of Kenya High School among other girls’ schools. A wife, a mother of three, a mentor to many and truly loves God.

Victoria is a self-made woman, the driving force behind Arope Group Limited, a world class background checks, due diligence and investigations company in Kenya. Her solid experience gets her respect while her fearless attitude and firm stand in professionalism, integrity and ethical practices is admired by her peers, the security industry and her clients.

We sat down with her for an exclusive interview:

Tell us a bit about yourself:I am Victoria Mulwa. I am the chairlady of women in security in Kenya and the founder and CEO of Arope Group.A security company that deals with background checks and private investigations.I joined KCB Immediately after my university in 1991, and my only employer till 2003 when I left and founded Arope Group Ltd.

What do you love the most about being CEO?I am very passionate about the safety and security of individuals and assets. I love it wholeheartedly. I also love inspiring, supporting, and empowering women in the security sector, mentoring the youth, and giving people a safe space to work and do business.

Do you employ women in your organisation?Yes, by merits. Mainly forensic graduates, criminologists, and necessary specialized fields.I would like to encourage more women to equip themselves with the necessary qualifications and certifications, not only for the security sector but in their areas of interest.

What do you love doing during your free time?I’m passionate about serving others in various capacities, starting from my family, church, and society. I have a keen interest in cooking and farming.

How do you balance between family and career?I balance it with serious discipline and keen prioritization of matters of urgency, putting God first, my family, and my work.

What is the secret to your success?Putting God first is the secret to my success.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far?The security industry is male-dominated and it can be quite a challenge to get space. For instance, when I was sitting for the ASIS Certifications, I was the only lady in a class of ten and I can assure you, it was not easy. Secondly, the security industry is a fast-evolving field and requires a great investment in knowledge and finances. Lastly, there are lots of quacks in the industry, who may give the wrong impression about the industry but now with the Private Security Regulatory Authority in place, the issue is being addressed.

Who is your biggest inspiration?My family is my greatest inspiration! My husband, my son, and my two daughters are my biggest support system.

Are you also a motivational speaker?Yes, I am! I love positively impacting young people in high schools and universities (the next generation) to have great morals, values, and the integrity to pursue their God-given purpose.

What trait do you attribute to your success?I am a go-getter and very resilient in what I do.I believe in the power of prayer and turning to God for guidance and strength not only in difficult times but all the times. Continuously improving to get better and better.

What message do you have for our readers?
Stand up – Say the big YES to your purpose.
Stand out – PURSUE and make your impact.
Stand for something – Have a UNIQUE and RESOURCEFUL point of view.

Thank you for having me today. It was a pleasure shining some light on safety and security matters.

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