State Cancels Licenses of 9 Security Companies


Nine major security companies have had their licenses cancelled for violation of various regulations.

The Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) gazzetted, the names of the companies, highlighting their failures in a notice.

The affected firms include Victory Protective Services Africa Limited, Victory Consultants Limited, Bedrock Security Services Limited and Bedrock Security Alarms Systems and Product Limited.

Others are Senaca East Africa Limited, Hipora Security Solutions Limited, Salama Fikira International (Kenya) Limited, Marco Security Limited and Superb Marketing Solutions Limited.

This move is likely to jeopardise the operations of the affected firms that have employed many Kenyans as security guards, and in other areas of their operations.

“Take notice: The Authority shall be conducting periodic reviews of the compliance status of Private Security Companies with the provisions of the Act, consequently, the lists of registered private security service providers and those whose registration certificates have been cancelled shall be regularly updated,” PSRA Director General Fazul Mahamed said in the notice.

This comes as a seven-day notice to the firms to comply with a directive to increase the guards’ salary to at least Sh30,000 lapses today (Tuesday, February 6.

Said the notice; “Pursuant to Sections 10 (c), 31 (b) and 32 of the Private Security Regulation Act No. 13 of 2016, the Authority hereby notifies users, prospective users, representatives of users of private security services and the general public that it has with immediate effect cancelled the certificates of registration and licences of the Private Security Companies listed in the schedule hereto.”

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