Chinese New Year Celebrations Commence In Pomp &Colour At The University Of Nairobi



The Chinese New Year took off today in pomp and colour at the University Of Nairobi.The celebration is considered to be one of the most exciting events of the year celebrated all over the world.

The event sponsored by the University Of Nairobi shows how the East African University embraces diverse cultures and backgrounds.

This year marks the Year Of The Dragon which promises goodluck and prosperity for many people.The event was graced by many high ranking officials who officially opened the event.

The vice chancellor said,”2024 is the year of the dragon and we are happy to be celebrating it.We always celebrare it every year and we are looking forward to sending students in China for scholarships.”

He added,”We are also looking forward to adding more teachers to teach Chinese.We hope to contribute a good positive relationship between China and Kenya.”

The pompous event was also graced by government officials from China.They appreciated the university’s effort in remembering and embracing the Chinese culture.

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