Nairobi Single mothers lobby group callout Muthoni Ouko over corruption


Former Nairobi County Education County Executive Committee member Muthoni Ouko has been slammed over past corruption and misconduct during her tenure in the former regime.

A lobby group, Nairobi Single mothers lobby group, which is dedicated to advocate for the rights and welfare of single mothers and their children in Nairobi County made serious allegations of corruption demanding that the former CEC refunds monies she irregularly received from the county when she was in office without proper reinstatement.

Ranging from embezzlement of bursary funds to her irregular reappointment and her involvement in a shadowy school feeding program, the lobby group demanded that Muthoni make an immediate refund of public coffers.

Muthoni Ouko has in the recent past put up a vicious fight against the ongoing Dishi na County school feeding program that was last year rolled out by the Nairobi City County Government.

Led by the patron of the group, Edward Githaiga, who is a single father as well, and the Lobby group chairperson Hadijja Muhia, the lobby group supported Dishi Na County, questioning the interests of Muthoni Ouko in fighting the school feeding program.

“We support Dishi Na County as single mothers because it is we the mothers who benefit when our children get lunch in school. The economy is biting and anybody fighting the Dishi Na County program is an enemy of our children,” Hadijja said

“This coming from a woman is even more painful since we want to know what interests Muthoni Ouko has with the school feeding program?” she posed.

In the alleged embezzlement of bursary funds, the Nairobi Single Mothers lobby uncovered the allegations of the former CEC involvement in the theft of bursary funds running into tens of millions meant for needy children who were lined up to benefit from the bursary funds during her tenure as Education CEC in the past regime.

The lobby questioned Muthoni’s irregular reappointment as CEC where she earned salaries irregularly. In 2019, Ouko resigned as Education CEC after former Governor Mike Sonko exposed the Bursary theft allegations on her. She was re- appointed in the subsequent administration led by Ann Kananu without going through the required vetting by the county Assembly.

“Muthoni resigned in 2019 and when she was re appointed by Kananu, she was nat vetted by the assembly meaning that she was drawing salaries irregularly and should be made to refund the money back to public coffers,” Hadijja added.

Muthoni, during her stint as CEC for education, jointly with her brother established several county schools to which, she awarded her company the tender to supply food the the learners.

With the roll out of Dishi Na County, a program that offers lunch to over 200,000 primary school and ECDE learners, her business has been dealt a huge blow as the food supply is now a prerogative of the county government and pupils are only supposed to pay a small fee of Five shillings per day a enjoy a nutritious hot meal whereas her shadowy feeding program saw parents cough between 50-100 shillings per day for their children’s lunch.

“We cannot tolerate corruption and misconduct in our government institutions, especially when it affects the most vulnerable members of our society. Muthoni Ouko’s actions betray the trust of the people of Nairobi and jeopardize the future of our children,” Hadijja added.

The single mothers lobby group called for thorough investigations into these allegations and urged the relevant authorities to hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

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