Munshiram:A Leader In Innovation And Cutting-Edge Technology


As technology improves, one company dubbed Munishram International Business is leading in the provision of cutting-edge innovations.
The Company, established in 1977, has developed with the changes.
Munshiram is an established software development company with an enviable and proven track-record engaged in providing software development services, technology consulting and IT outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide.
Its services include, Enterprise software and Biometric solutions.
Among its products are Office automations and solutions.
The biometric solutions include biometrics line like iris and finger print recognition.
These innovations have led to reduced human interface thus reducing fraud and corruption in the work places especially in government.
It has also led to efficiency and reduced workload.
In the past, the company worn many accolades for helping improve the security of both private and public entities.
The Company boosts of clients from both the private sector and Government.
According to its Director business development, Munishram, has provided employment to more than 200 Kenyans.
“We pride ourselves as a service provision firm. We provide our clients with the latest technology to bring about efficiency and security,” he said.
, Munshiram is an expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile solutions.

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