‘Kenya Kwanza Government Is Sabotaging Kenya’ Wanjigi Says


Safina party leader Jimmy wanjigi has blamed the government for incurring debt, which he says is the cause of poverty in Kenya.

Wanjigi explained that he had interrogated the Kenya kwanza regime debt books which unearthed massive borrowing without following laid down procedures; he cited the national treasury had borrowed money in order to pay existing loans which is a major red flag. This he said the money should be used for development as it is enshrined in the constitution.

In a state of the nation briefing the former presidential hopeful continued to condemn the government for ignoring court rulings which has put it into conflict with the judiciary.

Wanjigi criticized the government for turning a blind eye to current problems facing Kenyans, instead the government has put its priorities elsewhere i.e. power sharing, creating jobs for powerful people for this instance it has shifed its focus on the raila candidature for AU.

Mr. wanjigi also tore into local politics terming kalonzo musyoka as the best placed leader to take over from Mr. odingas legacy, he also reiterated its time for the old guard to hand over the leadership to fresh young people which he said he was ready to lead because he is the best suited to be the voice of the people.

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