Kenya Land Alliance Boss Faith Alubbe Says Citizens Should Not Be Evicted To Create Space for Public Housing


What are your thoughts on land issues in Kenya?

We need to come together as women
and address eviction to create space for public housing and the necessary procedures to be followed. We should ask ourselves why is public housing being sold instead of being free.Those are some of the questions we need answers to
before we even start talking about
affordable housing or social housing.

Do you trust the housing process?We cannot trust a process that we don’t understand. Some women in this meeting
have said they are being evicted
to pave way for that project.It should be official and it should be legal.

What are your thoughts on land succession?When it comes to land succession people who normally become a barrier to succession are always the internal family someone who feels that I am the eldest so this woman got married
and maybe whoever was not paid for dowry so they prevent this women from starting their process but also I’ve mentioned their abuse of office
by local level duty bearers at times when a woman is denied the letter so that she can start the succession process it really frustrates her so it can be internal and it can be external.

Why did you choose Kakamega and Taita Taveta?We chose Kakamega and Taita Taveta because of the diverse land regimes in Kakamega you get that there is land that has not been adjudicated yet it’s private in Taita Taveta you get that
we have constituencies where women also access land and use land.In Taita Taveta
there is a human wildlife conflict.We have indigenous communities and multinationals that still discriminates against women and women never get justice when their land is grabbed.
Taita Taveta gave us a very real picture
of what they have captured in terms of data.

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