Pinewood Hotel Workers Appeal To Tourism CS Mutua After Attack

Pinewood Hotel Workers Appeal To Tourism CS Mutua After Attack

Pinewood Hotel Workers Appeal To Tourism CS Mutua After Attack

Months have passed since the vicious daylight attack at Pinewood Beach Resort and Spa in Diani; yet for workers who faced the terror of armed assailants, the scars remain raw and justice feels elusive.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, the workers said if no action is taken, a similar incident can easily reoccur, since the culprits “will only get emboldened”.

The attack was captured on CCTV cameras belonging to the luxurious hotel and faces of the perpetrators captured, but months later, no one has been held accountable.

All promises by local police and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Dr Alfred Mutua of “leaving no stones unturned” have not been honored.

For many, scars sustained from the injuries inflicted on them remain as a constant reminder of the events of November 17, last year. Two more other attacks had previously been staged against the facility.

“We were just going about our daily duties when they struck,” Alfred Gogo, a staff at the hotel said, his voice trembling with emotion.

“They were armed to the teeth, and we knew we were in grave danger.”

The staff of the hotel found themselves facing a nightmare as armed assailants launched a brazen daylight attack on their workplace.

The memories of the fateful day are still fresh in the minds of the workers, who bravely spoke out about their ordeal.

They recounted the terror of facing dozens of armed goons, the fear for their lives, and the sense of helplessness as chaos unfolded around them.

“If nothing is done, they will come back, and it could be worse,” another worker, Teresia Wanjiku said.

“We need justice, not just for us but for the safety of everyone in the hotel sector, including our guests.”

Despite the passage of time, Phillip Ochieng, a security guard with the hotel said the wounds, “both physical and emotional”, are still raw.

He revealed that many workers continue to struggle with nightmares and anxiety, reliving the horrors of that day in their minds.

The lack of closure, the feeling that justice has not been served, only adds to their pain, he said.

“We want to move on, but how can we when those responsible are still out there?” Ochieng said, his voice tinged with frustration.

His colleague Mohammed Issa said, “we need closure, not just for us but for the sake of our families and our community.”

The owners of the hotel accused a bank receiver of forcefully attempting to takeover the hotel, despite an existing legal process challenging the intentions.

Kenya Coast Tourist Association Chief Executive Officer Julius Owino said lack of action following the incident will dent the image of an already fragile sector that is yet to fully recover after the Global COVID-19 pandemic.

He called on Director of Criminal Investigations Amin Mohammed to take up the case, saying local authorities have failed to ensure justice has been served.

“The time for action is now. The government must prioritize the security of the tourism sector and take decisive steps to apprehend the attackers and improve security measures,” Owino said.

“Failure to do so will not only damage the tourism sector but also harm Kenya’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination.”

At the time of the incident, the hotel was hosting dozens of tourists from across the world.

Property worth millions was destroyed and tens of staff members injured.

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