Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda Impeached by the Senate


The Senate has impeached Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda.

He becomes the first deputy governor to be impeached, since the start of devolution in Kenya, in 2013. He, however, is the second DG to have his case determined by the Senate after Siaya’s William Oduol.

Majority of the Senators voted to uphold the four charges against him by the members of the Kisii County Assembly

Monda was accused of gross violation of the Constitution and law, abuse of office, gross misconduct, and crimes under national law.

“The result of the division indicates that the senators have upheld the following impeachment charges; gross violation of the constitution and any other law, abuse of office, gross misconduct and crimes under national law.”

“Pursuant to article 181 of the Constitution, section 33 (7) of the County Government’s Act and standing order 86 of the Senate standing orders, the senate has resolved to remove from office by impeachment Dr Robert Monda, the Deputy Governor of Kisii County and the deputy governor therefore ceases to hold office,” Senate Speaker Amason Kingi said.

On the first and second counts, 39 senators voted in favour of his removal from office, three voted against as one abstained.

On the third count, 35 senators voted in favour of Monda’s removal, seven voted against while one abstained.

On the last count, 32 senators voted for his removal, 10 against and one abstained.

The Kisii deputy governor had earlier denied all the charges against him.

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