Passionate Pages Flavoured by Manyatta Cider


Manyatta Cider and Vijana Barubaru are set to thrill Nairobi on 23rd March in a spectacular showcase of culture, music and brand vibrancy that is “Uniquely Ours”.

Manyatta is a Cider that is driven by the desire to appreciate and promote our African culture, following its vision of being true our roots in a modern way. It comes in flavors that are expressions of the Tastes of Africa: Mango, Pineapple, Lemon, Ginger, and Mint. Manyatta is more than a drink, it is a curator of African Tastes: Fashion, Food, Vibe, you name it.

Passionate pages flavored by Manyatta is inspired by the embodiment of afro-culture by the 2 brands, originality, authenticity and truthfulness to our African roots, which are uniquely ours.

A fire roster including Ayrosh, Charisma, Ethan Muziki, the Juke box band, H_art the band, Ndovu Kuu, DJs Suraj, Proteje’, Kaneda, CNG, & Dream, with MCs Claudia Naisabwa and BV Accurate, will be on site to serve up the best of vibes.

The Day’s headline act, Vijana Barubaru will be launching their much-awaited EP, Passionate Pages: which is a celebration of love and a showcase of African creativity and authenticity. The event promises an unforgettable afternoon full of exciting experiences and activities.

New Muthiga Mall, Thigiri Ridge will be ground zero for this electrifying celebration. Attendees can expect a fusion of live performances that celebrate the spirit of African-ness flavored by the Manyatta brand.

Tickets for this must-attend event are currently available on

Ke.TheBar. and on TicketSasa:

“Manyatta is not just a drink; it is the Curator of African Taste. It is an expression of African-ness that is inspired by those who crave the Taste of Home. A cider that comes in different flavors which enshrine the wealth of taste that Africa is known for. There is a flavor for everyone in a Manyatta bottle. Passionate pages flavored by Manyatta promises to deliver a thread of connection, shared moments, and fun activities that will delight consumers as they share the taste of African-ness.” Faith Nyambura, Marketing Manager, Manyatta.

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