Diageo Bar Academy Online Training for Bar Professionals


Diageo Bar Academy (DBA) is an industry leading program offering world class training for bar professionals. It is Diageo’s investment in the industry and the people in it. DBA is present and active in all of Diageo’s operating markets.

In Kenya, the program is committed to upskilling a largely informal sector and changing local perceptions of individuals working in the bar industry to position it as a viable and respectable career.

DBA is raising the bar for Kenya’s alcoholic beverage industry though offering physical trainings and engagement with bar staff as well as an online learning platform where individuals can sign up for free to access a wide array of knowledge including:

  1. Online masterclass and trainings for bartenders by industry experts.
  2. All cocktail recipes of different types of drinks from whisky, rums, gin to Tequilas.
  3. Course on how to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle between shifts.
  4. Course on customer service skills, mental and physical health.
  5. Course on digital skills and innovation- cocktail photography, content creation and how to drive sales and earn revenue.
  6. Skills on bar management, bartender skills and tools.
  7. A community tab for bartenders to connect and learn from each other.
  8. It’s a mobile-first platform for ease of access to knowledge on the site.

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