New Alcohol Brand Manyatta Cider Brewed by EABL to Celebrate African Flavours


Kenya Breweries Limited (EABL) has introduced Manyatta Cider, a new brand celebrating African culture with a refreshing twist. Manyatta Cider comes in four exciting flavours that capture the essence of being African:

Manyatta Cider: A classic cider base for those who prefer a pure taste.

Lemon & Ginger Cider: A zesty blend with a kick of ginger, perfect for a hot day.

Mango & Ginger Cider: A tropical fusion of sweet mango and invigorating

Pineapple & Mint Cider: A refreshing mix of juicy pineapple and cooling mint.

Manyatta targets a new generation of Africans who are proud of their heritage but also embrace a modern lifestyle.

The cider is designed to be enjoyed with friends at social gatherings, while celebrating the vibrant energy of African culture. This audience seeks experiences that are both authentic and exclusive, they are redefining what it means to live a luxurious life on their own terms.

Effie N. Thiong’o, Head of Innovation at EABL, says, "Our role is to disrupt and shape the future of celebration. This means identifying and meeting the needs of underserved consumers.”

“We saw an opportunity where people craved more flavour and innovative drink experiences. Manyatta incorporates local spices and flavours – a source of pride for Africans – presented in a fresh, vibrant, and joyful way. The positive consumer response and the vibrant packaging that resonates with them are testaments to this
approach,” she added.

Manyatta is more than just a drink, it aspires to be a cultural curator, creating experiences that go beyond just a beverage. Kenya Breweries Limited aims to partner with African artists, musicians, and food creators to showcase the richness and diversity of the continent.

“Manyatta embodies our belief in the importance of celebrating African culture,” says Faith Nyambura, Marketing & Innovations Manager at EABL. “We are committed to creating opportunities for African creativity to flourish, while offering a refreshing taste experience.”

The Manyatta launch event, “Passionate Pages Flavoured by Manyatta,” partnered with the up-and-coming music group, Vijana BaruBaru, for the release of their EP.

The event featured live music performances, highlighting the vibrant music scene and artistic talent emerging from Africa.The launch event ignited passion for African Expression.

The success of the Manyatta launch marks a new chapter for EABL in its dedication to promoting African culture. Through Manyatta Cider, EABL aims to provide a platform for African voices to be heard, while offering consumers a unique and delicious taste of Africa.

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