Offset’s Album Sells 70,000 Debuts At Number 5


Offset’s new album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 200, selling 70,000 units with 25,000 in pure sales.

The first single off the album was Jealousy featuring Cardi B.Unfortunately Jealousy
didn’t hit the way it was supposed to hit. It underperformed and didn’t do what it was supposed to do. It was supposed to propel the album to new heights through sales but it didn’t do that.

Cardi B brings in numbers and her features are really powerful.Most of the songs she has been featured on in the past got on the Billboard Top 20.

His second single fan was better.Many people stated that it was a better single.Michael Jackson fans ate it up cause it paid homage to the late singer.

Listeners complained that the album was too long but the longer the album, the more money the album makes. Streaming isn’t really profitable for a lot of artists so they prefer to release more songs to generate more money on streaming platforms. The album had 21 songs.His lead singles were also promoted more than the album itself. They definitely put more money behind the singles. Offset also promoted the album heavily he went on interviews and press runs.He did his thing when it came to publicity. The album was great but the song selection was definitely a bit off. I feel like he would have chosen better songs for the album for public consumption. It also had so many great features and because of this, it had no reason to flop.

It underperformed in spite of having so many heavy hitters. His numbers can’t really be compared to Migos because Migos was a super group and they dominated music for the last decade. They really helped Offset’s visibility.So because of this he should have done better numbers.

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