Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy Joins the International Union for Conservation of Nature


Nanyuki, April 8th 2024. Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy (MKWC) is now a Member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The Conservancy joins 12 other entities that are Members of the Kenyan chapter, among them the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife.

This milestone underscores MKWC’s commitment to wildlife conservation, with a special focus on the critically endangered Mountain Bongo, which is listed on the IUCN red list of critically endangered species.

Making the announcement, Dr Robert Aruho, Head of Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy,noted that joining the IUCN marks a significant milestone in the journey of the Conservancy and comes at a golden moment as the Conservancy gets ready to mark its 20th anniversary in 2024.

“Our work, particularly the Mountain Bongo project, has demonstrated the power of focused, science-driven conservation initiatives. This membership is not just a recognition of our past efforts but a gateway to further the impact of our work on a global scale,” he added.

Through its membership, MKWC aims to leverage IUCN’s extensive network and knowledge base to implement more effective conservation strategies, participate in influential policy dialogues, and contribute to global conservation goals. This collaboration signifies a step forward in MKWC’s mission to prevent extinction of wildlife species.

Nyawira Kariuki, Chair of the MKWC Board of Trustees, was delighted to have the membership to IUCN granted.

“Through our membership to IUCN, we shall bring our unique insights and experiences from Kenya to the global conservation dialogue, contributing significantly to the international efforts in wildlife preservation. This is an important milestone for us as it bolsters our commitment to protecting endangered species and their ecosystems, and more specifically, the Mountain Bongo” noted Nyawira.

As part of the IUCN, MKWC looks forward to contributing to and learning from the collective knowledge of the global conservation community, enhancing its conservation practices, and playing a pivotal role in the worldwide effort to safeguard the natural heritage.

“MKWC’s membership to IUCN will open doors to global collaboration and enhance MKWC’s access to credible scientific knowledge in wildlife conservation. It will also be a platform for the Conservancy to participate in international policy and decision making as well as contribute its existing knowledge to the IUCN about its Mountain Bongo conservation program,” said Mr. Innocent Kabenga, IUCN Kenya Country Representative and Regional Head of Land Systems.

Founded in 1948, IUCN is the global authority on the status of the natural world and the measures needed to safeguard it. Joining the IUCN is part of MKWC’s broader agenda to amplify its conservation efforts on a global scale, demonstrate alignment with the global conservation agenda, enhance collaborative endeavors, and gain access to a wide range of resources and expertise in wildlife protection.

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