State Deploys Police to Counter Striking Doctors, Declares Strike Illegal


The ongoing doctors’ strike has been declared illegal, Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Prof Kithure Kindiki.

Through a statement issued on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, the CS said the Employment and Labour Relations Court had ordered the parties involved in the strike to engage in conciliation and negotiation proceedings within two weeks and file a memorandum of understanding on the minimum service guarantees in public health institutions.

The CS went on to state that the doctors continued to defy the mentioned court orders adding that the doctors striking have been intimidating and threatening violence against health workers who have refused to participate in the unlawful strike.

“It is noted with grave concern that the participants in the industrial action by health workers continue to defy the aforesaid court order and to intimidate and threaten violence against health workers who have opted not to participate in the unlawful strike,” Kindiki said.

“Gatherings, protests or whatever other action(s) in pursuit of grievances outside the law and in breach of court directives undermines the constitutional order of the Country and are, therefore, not permissible.”

Kindiki directed security agencies to use lawful means and resources available to prevent disruption of services and protect members of the public.

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