African Academy Of Technology :A New Dawn For Africa


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

We are the African Academy Of Technology.We are an educational institution.We are based in New York,but our is a goal for Africa.So, we have established ourselves in the Congo Drc,
and in South Africa,
and our next move is Kenya.
So, the purpose of African Academy of Technology
is to change the mindset of African people about technology.So,why are we talking about mindset? Because in Africa,
whenever the spoken of technology,you see that people literally mean things
that are very superficial.People think that having the latest gadget
means that is technology like iPhone,the latest one,
or having a car with controls,
like voice activity control that’s the illusion.Even when you see technology being spoken about,it’s spoken about in a flash,in a way that it’s just some excitement about technology.Like now, we’re talking about AI,and you see people speaking about AI all over the place,but literally,it just be the bubble of excitement.At the end of the day, most of them,when we ask about technology,they have no clue about what technology is.
Technology doesn’t start from AI.Technology, when we look at the countrythat technology advanced,they do serious thingsand those things that actually the grounds for technology,they are not even spoken of publicly as such.
They are serious stuff that get done.So, we see that Africa,
if we don’t catch up in technology,we’re going to be left behind and the penalty for that is an increase in the domination that we have been facing for generations and for centuries now,we have been colonized,we have been used
because we don’t know technology and if we keep going like this.We want to make sure
that every single individual is no longer subject to this delusion about technology.We want to make everyone a
master of all technology.
So, when we say master of all technology, it might sound impossible but its not.It’s not about your education level,
where you have been to school,
whether you’ve been to university even whether you speak English or not.
The African Academy of Technology wants to make sure that every individual in Africa becomes a master of all technology.

How does your institution stand out from other institutions in Africa?

Many believe that they cannot be a master of all technology.
Why?Because the education system has been clustered.
So, people have said that
you should be specialized
in a certain area.
So, that how the education system has been,
have been so far.
And when we observe this,
we analyze the education.
We see that thetr is a lack
in allowing African people to develop themselves.They limit themselves.Doctors diagnose a disease and then,give some cure.but they don’t necessarily know the technology
that they can utilize to do research and find cure to disease.So, education is very oriented.So, people go to university,a very small percentage of them
actually workin the domain they have studied.So its like
almost wasted time, and also
the resources for the family.
So,the academy’s methodology
is to enlighten people
in terms of tooling and instrumentation.

So, where do you see yourself 10years from now?

10 years, you know, it’s too far.In the academy,we see
the progress in a very short term.In the next year or two.We will be a true success story. So,the way we organize
the course is just within two weeks.What people get
for years at university they take them four years at university to learn
and to master the academy only takes two weeks,you become master of all technology.
Not just in one domain,
but all.So, we do everything
at once, like programming C++ and Python.We also do electrical engineering, robotics,embedded systems and so muxh more.We do quantum physics,system architecture,
modeling,mathematics, statistic,data science,
biochemistry and analytical chemistry.So, you see that
there are a lot of things
that people will come
to choose a certain field,
but we give all at once,
all at once,because we,
the academy, we understand that
for more tools,you have,more problems, you can resolve
as a technologicy proffessional.So, we have three levels of membership,
the academy.The first level,
entry level is called
academician.The second entry level is VIP academician.
And the third is VIP
Monoris academician.
So, the pricing is $100,
$150 and $350.You will receive knowledge that takes people four years in university.

How can people reach you?

You check African Academy,
of technology online.Our email address is
and the website is
and also have a page
on Facebook is also African Academy.

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