NTSA Director General George Njau Says NTSA Officials Will Be On The Roads To Ensure Chidren Go Back To School Safely



Following the president’s directive on NTSA and Police to collaborate to curb road carnage, the two institutions have mounted a major operation nabbing several PSVs flouting traffic regulations.
These nabbed and operators arrested operates along Langata, Mombasa and Thika Roads. A NAKAM Sacco with an excess of 21 passengers had its operators arrested. NTSa Director General Mr George Njao announced that Authority’s officers will be on the road to ensure safety of road users as schools reopen next week

NTSA Director General has asked members of the public to be careful on the roads during this rainy season.This comes as a result of various parts of the country flooding and vehicles being carried away due to heavy rainfall.

The floods have also brought property damage and loss of lives.This is the first time that it has floodee to this magnitude and many are blaming climate change on the dramatic change in weather.

Children are resuming school next week and this has raised a concern among parents.Many are fearful but NTSA has stepped in and has reassured parents that their chidren will be safe on the roads.

Road users have also asked the police not to allow unroadworthy vehicles on the road.They have also urged drivers to be cautiois when driving in flooded areas and for the government to repair damaged roads.

They have also asked that drivers be tested healthwise to ensure they can see and hear properly before sitting behind the wheel.This will help reduce road accidents and carnage on the roads.

Members of the public have raised concerns over the increased number of flooding incidents where vehicles have been swept away on our roads.This has put pressure on government agencies like NTSA to take action.

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