Blvck excellence Lights up Nairobi with ‘City Boys, City Girls’ Edition



Blvck Excellence, the celebrated bi-monthly event that creates a safe and comfortable space to honour Black music, art, food, and fashion, electrified attendees at the Sankara Hotel Parking Lot in Nairobi this past weekend.

The event, dubbed ‘City Boys, City Girls’ Edition, took place on April 27 and featured influential figures, entertainment, and experiences for networking and celebration.

Over 800 participants attended this edition which was organised by Johnnie Walker in partnership with Schweppes, allowing participants to immerse themselves in an evening of cultured entertainment, enjoy exquisite beverages, and savour the vibrant atmosphere of cultural rejoicing and unity.

Blvck Excellence is renowned for honouring and elevating African music, art, food, and fashion, fostering pride, recognition, and appreciation within the black community. This event series has become a significant draw for urban professionals and creatives, showcasing the finest expressions of African culture and creativity.

Commenting on the event, Marketing Manager, Scotch and Reserve Portfolio at East African Breweries PLC (EABL) Ms. Josephine Katambo said,

“As Johnnie Walker, we are thrilled by the tremendous response to this edition of Blvck Excellence. The event truly elevated the experience to new heights, showcasing the dynamic energy and passion within our community.”

“It’s truly inspiring to see young and influential men and women come together to honour Black excellence in all its forms. This event underscores the importance of unity and cultural pride, demonstrating the richness of our heritage and creativity,” Ms. Katambo added.

Attendees were treated to an immersive experience that seamlessly blended urban sophistication with natural serenity. Throughout the day and into the night, from DJs to musicians, gave electrifying performances. Sauti Sol’s Savara was one of the performing arts, while DJs Kaneda, Adrian, Dream, Mista C, Shishi, and CNG the DJ gave high-energy mixes, captivating the audience.

With six Djs performances scheduled throughout the day, attendees had ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Black culture, forging connections and unforgettable memories. From noon until the early hours of the morning, Blvck Excellence delivered an experience like no other.

Since its inauguration in 2021, the event series has seen over 10 remarkable editions. Among the most recent highlights are the spine-tingling Black Halloween in October, the exhilarating Road to Drinkcember in November, and the sun-soaked vibes of Summer Bye this January.

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