City Girls Sell 6,000 Copies First Week


The city girls released their album ‘RAW’ and it only sold 6000 copies.This is quite a disappointment because they sold more copies in their previous album.Many feel like the reason why this album flopped is because their music hasn’t really evolved over the years.They sing about ‘city girl stuff’ and ‘the city girl life’ when so other people have evolved and moved on to other themes.

They’ve have had the same sound for the last five years.A change of sound and maybe genre would be refreshing.People want something fresh new and exciting.People want versatility and vulnerability.People want to connect to them on an emotional level.

The public seems to be tired of consuming ratchet rap and that is the reason why hip hop has taken a back seat and now country music is the most listened to genre in the world according to billboard.

I appreciate their lead single with Usher but I definitely feel like they needed a stronger lead single.I loved their pop single featuring Kim Petras.They definitely need to do more pop music in my opinion because if it wasn’t for that song, I don’t think I would have purchased the album.They had a good solid second single with Usher.The album was pushed back several times because of Beyonce’s Renaissance album.This caused the public’s anticipation to die down.

Lately, they are known for other stuff other than music,Caresha is known more for her relationship with Diddy and her show Caresha Please and JT is known for her relationship with Uzi and her clap backs.Music has taken a backseat when it comes to their public image and branding and people always think about our stuff when people mention them or their brand.

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