SME Owners Graduate from NCBA-Strathmore Enterprise Development Program


Nairobi, May 14 th , 2024… NCBA, in collaboration with Strathmore University Business
School (SBS), has announced the graduation of 18 entrepreneurs from the second cohort of
the NCBA-SBS Enterprise Development Programme.The 16-week programme cuts across most sectors of the economy and is designed to equip
SMEs with the tools and skills to identify and seize business opportunities, foster innovation,
and unlock their business potential. It also nurtures socially responsible and viable
businesses, thereby fostering successful business entrepreneurship in the region.
Speaking during the graduation, Tirus Mwithiga, NCBA Group Director, Retail Banking, said:
“As we celebrate the graduation of the second cohort from the NCBA-SBS Enterprise
Development Programme, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering SMEs. At NCBA, we
believe in fostering growth and resilience within the business community, aligning with our
mission as a trusted financial partner. These graduates exemplify the transformative impact
of tailored support, inspiring us to continue championing entrepreneurial success.”
NCBA is also the sponsor of the Strathmore Business School’s 3rd Annual Family Business
Day. The event will be attended by Strathmore alumni, founders, successive-generation
family members, industry experts, scholars, and future family business leaders to exchange
industry best practices, network, gain practical skills, and learn from the best in the industry.
Dr. Caesar Mwangi, Executive Dean at Strathmore University Business School, underscored
the collaborative power of the two institutions’ partnership and its impact on the SME
“We are proud of the fruitful collaboration between Strathmore Business School and NCBA
in delivering the Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) as well as the Owner Manager
Programme (OMP). As we celebrate the graduation of the second cohort of the EDP, we
witness the tangible impact on the SME community, fostering growth and innovation. Our
joint efforts extend beyond education to events like the 3rd Annual Family Business Day,
further empowering businesses to thrive and succeed.”
The bank is targeting at least 25 SME businesses for the 3 rd cohort of the NCBA – SBS
Enterprise Development Programme, with enrolment opening for the next programme on the
21 st of May 2024.
To be eligible for the programme, one must:
 Be an NCBA customer with an active business account that has been operational for
at least 6 months.
 Have a business that has been operating for 2-3 years, employs more than 3 people,
and has an annual turnover of KES 3 million or more.
 Be the primary decision maker in the business and the majority shareholder.

Alongside the programme, NCBA Bank and Strathmore University also collaborate to
develop and implement various capacity building initiatives to empower SMEs and MSMEs
business growth under the Strathmore Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation
Centre, including international business trips, networking/thought leadership forums,
business training boots camps, conferences, and trade expos.

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