eBee Launches New Service Center in Mombasa to Boost E-Mobility


Mombasa, Kenya – May 20, 2024 – eBee, a leading pan-African e-mobility company, has opened a new Sales and Service shop in Mombasa, marking a significant step in expanding sustainable transportation solutions in the region.

This new station aims to enhance accessibility to e-mobility options for both individuals and businesses, contributing to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The facility will also serve as a hub for eBee’s innovative electric mobility services, providing rentals, sales, and maintenance for e-bicycles, thereby fostering economic growth through job creation in the e-mobility sector.

“Our new Sales and Service shop in Mombasa reflects our strong commitment to advancing sustainable urban mobility and creating eco-friendly employment opportunities,” said Isidoor Maljers, Commercial Director and Founder of eBee. “We are dedicated to providing innovative, environmentally friendly transportation options and contributing to the city’s environmental and economic goals.”

The launch aligns with Kenya’s recently introduced e-Mobility Policy Paper, which underscores the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation solutions. This policy aims to reduce carbon emissions, improve urban air quality, and create new economic opportunities through the adoption of e mobility.

eBee’s new facility aims to foster green job opportunities in Mombasa, particularly in areas such as delivery services and technical maintenance. This initiative is part of eBee’s broader strategy to support Kenya’s green transition and urban development goals.

“We believe that by fostering meaningful partnerships and collaborations in Mombasa, we can amplify our collective efforts towards creating a greener, more sustainable city. Our mission is not only to provide sustainable e-mobility solutions but also to generate employment and support the local economy.” he added.

The opening of the Mombasa shop marks a significant expansion of eBee’s operations, reflecting the company’s dedication to enhancing urban mobility through electric transportation. This move is expected to contribute to Kenya’s ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, as outlined in the e-Mobility Policy Paper.

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