Kenya Wildlife Service warns Kenyans of Fake Rangers Recruitment Letters


The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has issued an alert of fake ranger recruitment letters in circulation.

KWS in response flagged one of the letters as fake and asked Kenyans to trade with caution not to fall victim to fraudsters.

“We strongly advise the public to be vigilant of the fake letters and report the fraudsters to the nearest KWS Station or Police Station,” KWS said.

This comes after a section of Kenyans took to social media to raise concerns about the letters.

The emergence of fake letters came at a time when KWS is still recruiting personnel for cadet position.

“The documents making rounds on social media platforms and purported to be issued by KWS are fraudulent and criminal. They are intended to mislead and besmirch the name of KWS,” KWS said.

“Our Investigations department is working closely with other security agencies to establish the source of the fake calling letters and those behind it.”

KWS reiterated that the recruitment process was free of charge further dispelling concerns from interested parties falling prey to the deceptive schemes.

“As stated in the advert and at all recruitment centres, the recruitment process was free of charge”.” Kaa Chonjo, Usidanganywe,” KWS said.

The agency advertised vacancies on May 19th through various channels, including print media and online platforms, specifying that the recruitment process was entirely free of charge.

KWS was seeking to recruit 1500 Kenyans to their service during the nationwide exercise.

The chosen candidates were to undergo mandatory paramilitary training at the Law Enforcement Agency.

Ahead of the recruitment, KWS urged individuals to verify the legitimacy of recruitment notices by cross-referencing information on the official KWS website or contacting the agency directly.

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