Nairobi, Kenya – 3rd June 2024 – BURN, the world’s leading clean cookstove manufacturer, distributor, and carbon project developer, has been named one of the Time100 Most Influential Companies in the world.

BURN designs and manufactures the world’s most efficient clean cooking appliances through its ‘ECOA’ line of electric, biomass, and LPG stoves at its facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa and then delivers them to households across the continent.

The company’s inclusion in the TIME100 list is based on its extraordinary global impact. To date, BURN has delivered 4.5 million stoves, positively impacting ~25.1 million lives as well as reducing ~12.2 million tons of wood and ~21.7 million tons in carbon emissions.

BURN leverages carbon financing to make its clean cooking appliances accessible to households across the continent by subsidizing the cost of stoves by 60-100%. In the last 18 months, the company has provided approximately $60 million in discounts through carbon credits, enabling families to access a $40 life-saving stove for as little as $2. The company anticipates offering an additional $110 million in carbon subsidies in the next 18 months. 

The company implements carbon credit projects that utilize the most conservative methodologies and can now digitally monitor all its clean cooking appliances.

BURN employs 3,500 people across nine African countries, half of whom are women. The company has additionally created thousands of opportunities through its extensive value chain, encompassing sales, distribution, monitoring, and after-sales support.

Peter Scott, BURN Founder & CEO said: “BURN exists for only one purpose, to save lives and forests. We believe the best way to do this is through the local design, manufacture, and distribution of best-in-class cooking appliances that include electric, LPG, and biomass stoves. Thanks to the hard work of our team, bringing these stoves to every household in Africa is now within reach”.

TIME evaluates its nominees based on their impact, innovation, ambition, and success. The Magazine also launched TIME CO2 Leadership Report, featuring conversations with the world’s most influential company leaders, to explore the intersection of business and climate. Consequently, twice as many companies in this years’ TIME100 are recognized for their leadership in sustainability and climate action.

LINK: Burn Manufacturing: 2024 TIME100 Most Influential Companies | TIME 

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