Tusker Ndimu Makes a Splash at Madaraka Day Fest 2024 in Mombasa


[Mombasa, Kenya – June 3, 2024] -The inaugural Madaraka Day Fest, presented by Tusker Ndimu, was a resounding success, transforming Mama Ngina Waterfront into a vibrant hub of music, culture, and community celebration.

The event, held on Madaraka day marked the beginning of what promises to be an annual tradition,
creating lasting memories and forging new connections in a vibrant and dynamic environment.

The night was filled with unmatched entertainment featuring an all-star line-up of Kenya’s top artists, including: Ndovu Kuu, Fathermoh, Dj Pierra, Masauti, Dj Niiro, Amber Ray and BM Shaxxy. Each performance delivered electrifying energy, captivating the audience with a diverse array of music that kept the party going all night long.

The stage came alive with amazing performances that highlighted the best of Kenya’s
musical talent.

Speaking at the event, Kanyi Kiuru, Innovations Manager, KBL said, ‘The introduction of Tusker Ndimu at the Madaraka Day Fest 2024 marks a significant milestone in our journey to connect more deeply with our customers. This innovative lemon-flavored beer embodies our commitment to blending tradition with novelty, offering a refreshing twist on a beloved classic.

Tusker Ndimu not only celebrates our rich heritage but also aligns with the dynamic and vibrant spirit of our consumers, creating a unique lifestyle experience that resonates with their evolving tastes and

“Building on the success of this year’s event, plans are already underway for the next Madaraka Day Fest. The goal is to make it even bigger and better, continuing to offer unique opportunities for attendees to create unforgettable memories.” He added.

The refreshing lemon-flavored beer, Tusker Ndimu, with its crisp and zesty taste, proved to be a hit among revelers, enhancing the overall festival experience. Tusker Ndimu, a new entry variant from East African Breweries Limited (EABL), provides an alternative for beer enthusiasts. It combines the rich heritage of the Tusker brand with an innovative twist, appealing to consumers who seek both tradition and novelty in their beverage choices.

Tusker Ndimu is not just a drink but a lifestyle choice, embodying the vibrant and dynamic spirit of its consumers.

The Madaraka Day Fest transcended mere entertainment, fostering a strong sense of community and cultural pride. The festival’s success highlights the importance of bringing people together to celebrate shared values and experiences.

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