EABL Celebrates Tujengane National Consumer Promotion


[Nairobi, Kenya – June 3 rd , 2024] – East African Breweries Limited (EABL) threw a grand party on May 31 st , 2024 at Muthiga Inn, Kikuyu, to celebrate over sixty lucky Kenyans who emerged the winners of its Tujengane National Consumer Promotion.

Speaking during the event, Lilian Nyambura, Brand Manager – Chrome said, “We are thrilled to celebrate our Tujengane winners today.” She further noted that, “This promotion, anchored in the spirit of togetherness (Tujengane), was designed to reward our loyal customers and express our gratitude for their continued support. Seeing the joy on the winners’ faces, some of whom shared stories of how these prizes will transform their lives, makes this initiative all the more rewarding.”

The Tujengane National Consumer Promotion was officially launched in April 2024 with the aim to reward EABL customers for their loyalty and foster a sense of community.

The lucky winners participated by purchasing any participating EABL brand – Chrome Gin, Chrome Vodka, Triple Ace, Kane Extra, Kenya Cane, Orijin, and Captain Morgan – and submitting unique codes found on the labels. With daily, weekly, and monthly draws, the promotion offered a variety of exciting prizes, ensuring there were winners at every level.

The winners, were then chosen from a nationwide pool of participants who entered the competition.

The winners including, Adriel Juma, a mechanic from Juja, a Motorbike winner; Isaack Nyota Kamau from Industrial Area, and Peter Gikonyo from Dandora, rent waiver winners – enjoyed a memorable evening filled with laughter, delicious food and drinks and fun music by renowned Kenyan DJs including DJ Easy, DJ Roq, DJ Munge and MC MJay.

The celebratory event was a momentous occasion for the winners, who had the opportunity to connect with EABL representatives and share their Tujengane experiences.

The Tujengane National Consumer Promotion proved life-changing for many winners. Isaack Nyota Kamau and Peter Gikonyo, both winners of rent waivers, spoke to the immediate impact on their lives.
Isaack stated, “Courtesy of Tujengane, and the 50,000 rent reward I won: I can set up an emergency fund with the rent I was to pay” while Gikonyo emphasized the “immense” significance of the win. For mechanic Adriel Juma, the motorbike prize directly addressed a business need, allowing him to “collect spare parts” more efficiently. These diverse stories exemplify how the Tujengane promotion went beyond
rewarding customers, but truly impacted their lives in meaningful ways.

“The Tujengane National Consumer Promotion was a huge success, and we are thrilled to celebrate with the lucky winners today,” said Lilian Nyambura of EABL. “We are committed to rewarding our loyal customers and fostering a sense of community, and this event is a testament to that commitment. The promotion not only offered life- changing prizes, but also went a step further by including rent waivers among the rewards, directly addressing a real need for many Kenyans.”

EABL looks forward to creating more rewarding experiences for its customers in the future, experiences that go beyond prizes and build a stronger sense of community.

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