Private Security Firms Warned of Deregistration For Failing To Comply With Ksh.30K Wage Demand


All private security firms have been warned of deregistration from operations if they fail to comply with the regulations of setting Ksh.30,000 as the minimum wage for their security officers.

In a notice dated June 10, Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA) Director General Fazul Mahamed said all private security providers must submit their legally binding commitments to pay the set minimum wage in line with the Private Security Regulation Act No. 13 of 2016.

Fazul however noted that some private security companies have failed to adhere to the directive despite numerous reminders.

He therefore warned that appropriate action will be taken on those who will not have submitted their binding commitments by June 17, 2024. “Any private security company that fails to submit a duly signed and commissioned Legal Commitment will face immediate cancellation of their Certificate of Registration and subsequent deregistration from the register of licensed private security service providers,” said Mahamed.

He further noted that the authority will be conducting periodic reviews of the compliance status of private security companies with the provisions of the Act.

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