Smirnoff Brings Life to Mtwapa With Their WE DO WE Campaign


Tuesday, 18th June 2024: Smirnoff TM, through its vibrant We Do We global campaign, hosted the 12th edition of the Unleash Your Edge Fiesta, transforming Mtwapa town into a dazzling hub of music and fun on Saturday 15 th June, 2024.

This musical extravaganza captivated various attendees, creating unforgettable moments of shared collective energy and joy.

The We Do We campaign is a compelling narrative that celebrates the undeniable spark of unity that comes alive when people come together. It promises an unforgettable journey where every moment is infused with the joy of togetherness. With a resolute commitment to empowering communities and celebrating the richness of diversity, Smirnoff’s We Do We campaign seeks to create a vibrant array of shared experiences that’s inspiring and uplifting, forging an unbreakable bond of celebration and togetherness.

The Unleash Your Edge Fiesta elevated the standard with a dynamic lineup of top-tier performances, featuring renowned acts such as DJ Redbone, DJ Grauchi, DJ Karoski, Kay Jay, The DJ, DJ Insta and DJ Kryptic. These performances ignited the night, uniting music enthusiasts in an extraordinary celebration of individuality and collective energy.

Speaking during the event, Smirnoff’s Brand Manager, Catherine Twesigye, said, “Smirnoff as a brand continues its mission to provide a platform for young Kenyans to celebrate and express their uniqueness and audacious spirit. Through a blend of education and entertainment, we empower consumers to discover extraordinary alternatives to the ordinary. We believe ‘Me is an ingredient. We is a flavor,’ and through our responsible drinking experiences, we create an atmosphere of authenticity and distinction.”

Additionally, the day featured auditions for the ongoing Smirnoff Battle of the Beats (SBOB) competition. SBOB is a DJ competition aimed at discovering the best DJs in the country, supporting the DJ community by nurturing and training upcoming talent. The auditions saw the top 12 DJs from the Coast region selected to compete in the coming weeks for the ultimate title of the region’s, and potentially the country‘s, best DJ.

The integration of SBOB and the Unleash Your Edge Fiesta under the We Do We campaign ensures a coherent message of unity and celebration. This edition exemplified Smirnoff‘s commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment, celebrating individuality, and fostering
“We Do We is a resounding call to embrace the collective spirit that makes us stronger together. It embodies the collective dreams brought to life through the passion and creativity of diverse individuals from all walks of life. The campaign represents Smirnoff’s long-term commitment to driving positive change in society, continuously adapting strategies, and seeking feedback from its consumers. As a brand, we aim to address the desire for flavorful drinks and safe spaces while embracing the remarkable potential that arises when we collaborate, uplift, and support
each other.” Added Ms. Twesigye.

Smirnoff continues to be the brand of choice, ensuring unforgettable nights in and nights out, championing the strength of the collective, and celebrating the magic of ‘we’ that emerges when different people, ingredients, and flavors come together.

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