Embakasi North MP James Gakuya’s Unwavering Support for the Finance Bill


Nairobi, Kenya – Embakasi North Member of Parliament, James Gakuya, has made a resolute call to his colleagues to support the Finance Bill, emphasizing its importance for the nation’s fiscal health. In a recent address, Gakuya declared his unwavering support for the bill, underscoring the necessity for MPs to back it to ensure they continue to receive their salaries.

“The government exists to tax the people to be able to offer them services,” Gakuya asserted, stressing the symbiotic relationship between taxation and public service delivery. He highlighted that he had fully supported last year’s Finance Bill and intends to do the same with this year’s bill, vowing to persuade his fellow MPs to follow suit.

Advocacy for Homemade Solutions and Local Products

In a broader discussion, Gakuya reminisced about his school days, mentioning how girls used to make their own sanitary pads from homemade materials without any issues. He suggested that if imported sanitary towels are unaffordable, homemade alternatives or locally manufactured diapers and napkins could serve as viable substitutes.

“During my time in school, girls made their own sanitary pads from homemade materials, and there were no issues,” he recounted. “If one cannot afford imported sanitary towels, homemade materials are an easy and cheaper option. Parents can also use locally manufactured diapers or napkins.”

Support for Motor Vehicle Tax and Food Alternatives

Gakuya also endorsed the tax on motor vehicles, arguing that vehicle owners are not among the struggling populace. “The tax on motor vehicles is a good idea because those who own vehicles are not hustlers,” he stated.

On the topic of food, Gakuya reflected on his upbringing, advocating for more traditional, cost-effective dietary choices. “Bread is not for the poor. When I was growing up, we used to have leftover ugali with black tea in the morning,” he shared, suggesting that such practices could alleviate the financial strain on less affluent families.

Political Commitment and Future Campaigns

In a bold political move, Gakuya announced his intention to personally campaign against any Kenya Kwanza MPs who do not vote in favor of the Finance Bill. His commitment to the bill and his proactive stance illustrate his dedication to what he believes are crucial economic policies.

“I will personally campaign against Kenya Kwanza members of parliament who do not vote for the bill,” he declared, leaving no room for ambiguity regarding his position.


James Gakuya’s vocal support for the Finance Bill, combined with his practical advice on everyday economic issues, underscores his commitment to fiscal responsibility and pragmatic solutions. His call to action for his fellow MPs highlights the critical nature of the bill for Kenya’s economic stability and the provision of public services. As the debate continues, Gakuya’s stance is a clear indication of his priorities and the measures he believes are necessary for the country’s progress.

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