Malawians Digest Chakwera’s VP Choice


BY Francis Polinyu Banda

Malawians are busy digesting president Dr.Lazarous Chakwera’s choice of his vice after he appointed Michael Usi as his vice following the tragic death of his former VP Saulos Klaus Chilima, who dead in a military plane crash on 10th June 2024 alongside eight others.

Most of the comments are based on Usi’s background of acting in a popular radio and television soap known as Tikuferanji where he is known for funny actions.

People are questioning whether he will continue acting or not after assuming the position of vice president.

“We wonder if Usi known in the play as Manganya or bambo a Sikono, will continue featuring in Tikuferanji after assuming this second highest office in the country”, read some of the comments trending on social media platforms.

“We are yet to see if he will continue acting because he was still acting while he is a minister of natural resources and climate change”, reads another comment.

Usi was the vice president of the United Transformation Movement UTM party which was led by Chilima and formed an electoral alliance in the year 2020 with the  Malawi Congress Party to win the court sanctioned fresh presidential election.

The fresh presidential election was called after  the May 2019 presidential election was challenged, citing voting irregularities.

The fresh election saw some electoral laws being amended and the 50+1 electoral law came in to determine winner of the vote.

The 50+1 implementation, attracted political party alliances which saw the United Democratic Front UDF party partnering with the Democratic Progressive Party DPP which lost the election to the MCP-UTM alliance.

Usi has been appointed vice president a year and some months before the country holds general elections.

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