Nyala Dairy Targets Broader Market with New ESL Milk Pouches

Nyala Dairy Targets Broader Market with New ESL Milk Pouches

Nyala Dairy Targets Broader Market with New ESL Milk Pouches

Nyala Dairy, a leading milk processing cooperative in Ndaragwa Constituency, is set to launch its new Extended Shelf Life (ESL) milk pouches. The event will take place on Thursday, June 27th, at the Ndaragwa PCEA Church grounds.

The ESL milk pouches, available in 200ml and 500ml sizes, boast a shelf life of 90 days, providing a significant advantage to consumers seeking longer-lasting fresh milk options.

The company’s target market for these new products includes Nyandarua, Nyeri, Laikipia, and Nairobi.

Nyala Dairy is well-known for its milk pasteurization process, supplying bulk quantities to distributors and milk centers across Nyahururu, Rumuruti, and Nairobi on a daily basis.

This ensures farmers get the best pay for raw milk in the area. The introduction of these ESL milk pouches represents a strategic expansion aimed at catering to a broader market with convenient, longer-lasting dairy products.

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“We are excited to introduce these new ESL milk pouches to our consumers. This innovation not only extends the shelf life of fresh milk but also ensures that our customers can enjoy high-quality milk for a longer period,” said a representative from Nyala Dairy.

The launch event is expected to draw significant attention from local residents, distributors, and stakeholders in the dairy industry.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of ESL milk and Nyala Dairy’s commitment to quality and innovation in milk processing.

Nyala Dairy Launches Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Milk Pouches

Nyala Dairy continues to set the standard for dairy products in the region, reinforcing its position as a trusted provider of fresh, high-quality milk.

In addition to milk processing, Nyala Dairy offers a range of other services, including the provision of animal feeds, hay and silage baling, silage chopping, and a resource centre for animal breeding.

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