Hennessy Africa Cypher 2024 brings together top hip hop talent from across Africa


Nairobi,25 th June 2024 – The Hennessy Africa Cypher 2024, one of the most anticipated annual events
for hip-hop and rap enthusiasts, has been released, igniting excitement across the continent.

This year’s Cypher, an 8-minute display of distinctive rap styles and ingenious wordplay, is set against a Lagos train
station backdrop in Lagos, Nigeria, embodying Hennessy’s adventurous spirit, reflecting its history of bold activations in unique locations.

The Hennessy Africa Cypher 2024 features six prolific artists from Africa’s dynamic rap scene: Maglera Doe Boy from South Africa, Didi B from Cote d’Ivoire, Young Lunya from Tanzania, Khaligraph Jones from Kenya, Ladipoe from Nigeria, and Sarkodie from Ghana. Each artist brings a unique style and lyrical mastery to the collaboration, creating a rich tapestry of diverse sounds and perspectives.

Artist Highlights:
Maglera Doe Boy: The South African artist delivers thought-provoking verses, following the success of his debut project Diaspora in 2022. This year, he also features on K.O’s new single ‘Let Me Cook,’showcasing his lyrical prowess.

Didi B: Representing Cote d’Ivoire, Didi B is the first Francophone artist to feature in the Cypher. Known for his ‘rap ivoire,’ he uses local creole to narrate the experiences of Ivorian youth. His album Before Olympia was released in February 2024.

Ladipoe: The Nigerian rapper is celebrated for his intricate wordplay and metaphors. His latest track,
 Hallelujah,’ featuring Rozzz & Morrelo, was released in April 2024.
Sarkodie: Ghana’s most awarded hip hop artist and reigning Ghana Music Awards Artist of the Decade, Sarkodie released his Championship Mixtape in May 2024.

Young Lunya: The Tanzanian artist, the first hip hop act from Tanzania signed to Sony Music Entertainment Africa, captivates audiences with his Kiswahili rap.

Khaligraph Jones: The Kenyan rapper contributes his unique style and powerful lyrics to the Cypher,
adding to the dynamic collaboration, Julie Nollet, Hennessy’s global Chief Marketing Officer, expressed the brand’s commitment to the Cypher, stating, “As proved by this year’s six artists, the Cypher is about more than just music.

It’s about
poetry, community, inspiration, and creativity, fueling the dreams of those honing their craft. Hennessy has long been close to many forms of music, and it is only natural to celebrate African culture through a genre that embodies progress and open-mindedness.”

Hennessy has played a significant role in promoting hip hop culture since the genre’s inception in theUnited States  over 50 years ago. The brand has been name-checked in over 4,000 tracks, making it the most mentioned brand in hip hop history. Songs like ‘Hennessy’ by 2Pac, ‘Hennessy n Buddah’ by Snoop Dogg, and ‘One Dance’ by Drake are testament to the brand’s deep connection to the genre.

The Hennessy Africa Cypher 2024 is more than a musical event; it’s a celebration of talent, creativity, and African culture. By providing a platform for these exceptional artists, Hennessy continues to support and nurture the hip hop community, bridging generations and expanding into diverse musical genres each year.

 Click this YouTube link; https://youtu.be/MaQkmA9k74k?si=Bk55MF5-iq_jI7Ub to watch the cypher.

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