Lipa Later:A Solution For The Future


Eric Muli CEO and founder of Lipa Later is a man wise beyond his years.

Known by many as a man with great ambition many of his peers knew he would achieve greatness early on in life.

An inspiration and role model to many Mr Muli is a soft spoken man,with great humility and vision.

With an entrepreneural spirit he noticed early on a gap in the market and chose to fill it by
enabling people to purchase appliances and other goods on credit.

This was fairly new in Kenya and Mr Muli pioneered this new phase of purchasing on credit.

In the last few years Kenyans have been struggling with inflation and the high cost of living.

With noone to hear their cry and the government ignoring their plea most of the time Mr.Muli came up with Lipa Later.

Lipa Later was a fairly new concept in Kenya and many struggled to embrace it but he was able to persuade the public to embrace the idea opening the door for other credit companies as well.

Lipa later has really transformed and elevated the lives of many Kenyans today and many credit companies followed in Mr Muli’s steps but the truth will always remain that he walked so they could run.

He is also celebrated by many Kenyans because he put them in a position to purchase appliances and goods that they really needed changing their lives for the better.

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