Kenchic Expands Portfolio with Kenbeef


Nairobi, Kenya – July 10, 2024; Kenchic, the renowned provider of poultry products, is excited to announce the launch of Kenbeef, a new line of premium beef cuts and convenient further processed beef products. This strategic expansion aims to meet our valued customers’ evolving tastes and enhance the overall value of their purchases.

By entering the beef market, Kenchic strengthens its position as a trusted provider of high-quality proteins that cater to changing consumer needs.

Recognizing the rising demand for quality beef, the launch of Kenbeef highlights Kenchic’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. Kenbeef’s premium cuts,including ribeye, sirloin, and others, promise the finest beef for every meal, appealing to consumers seeking superior beef products. Meanwhile, further processed beef items, such as sausages, burger patties, and boerewors, offer convenient pre-packaged options for customers desiring ease of preparation at home.

According to the Kenya Market Trust survey, Kenya’s beef consumption stands at approximately 15 kilograms per person annually, with the nation consuming around 648,000 tonnes of beef each year. Despite local production capacity being only 300,000 tonnes, the demand for high-quality beef continues to rise, underscoring the need for accessible and superior beef products.

Jim Tozer, Managing Director of Kenchic, stated, “We are excited to introduce Kenbeef, marking a significant milestone in our journey of innovation and sustainable growth. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that Kenbeef will become a staple in the beef market. By partnering with farmers who prioritize animal welfare and environmental responsibility, we demonstrate our dedication to sustainability, offering our customers a responsible.”

Kenbeef products are available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and Kenchic butcheries, making them easily accessible.

As Kenchic broadens its product range to meet diverse customer preferences, the launch of Kenbeef signifies a major advancement in our mission to deliver superior products. With a focus on innovation, sustainable growth, and unwavering quality, Kenbeef is set to make a significant impact in the beef market.

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