Lighting up the Night: TECNO’s Dazzling Drone Show Steals the AFCON Opening

Lighting up the Night: TECNO's Dazzling Drone Show Steals the AFCON Opening

Lighting up the Night: TECNO's Dazzling Drone Show Steals the AFCON Opening

On January 13, the 34th African Cup of Nations (AFCON) kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. TECNO, the official sponsor, made history with its stunning display of technology and art, featuring a first-ever choreographed show of 1,000 luminous drones in the African continent.

This glamorous aerial performance marked a significant milestone, as it is the first time Africa has witnessed such a grandiose display, captivating the audience with a blend of stunning technological innovation and artistic expression. Celebrating the historic moments of AFCON under the theme ‘Meet Legend and Glory,’ the show was a fitting tribute to the legacy and excitement of the tournament.

A thousand drones lit up the night over the Stadium with dynamic and exciting music. With these drones, TECNO artistically demonstrated its passion and dedication to Africa’s sports industry and technology innovation.

As the drones changing array, breathtaking images appeared over the sky and showed the story of AFCON and TECNO. By joining hands together, we are here “For Young, For Passion.”

As the theme of the performance “Meet legend and glory”initiated, many legendary goals happened in the history of AFCON. TECNO officially joined hands with CAF this year to empower the 34th AFCON for young and for passion. As one of the most popular smart phone brand in Africa, TECNO wish to help audiences witness new legendary and glorious moments during the coming tournament with all its innovative products.

The performance brought the audience a stunning technological and artistic experience. Behind the changing images is a reflection of the digitalisation and intelligence in technology innovation.

It also presents TECNO’s determination to make breakthroughs in the field of innovation and bring more technological surprises to the people of Africa.

TECNO is the top one trusted mobile phone brand in Africa according to many public survey reports.  TECNO has always insisted on bringing more innovative technology and impact to the people of Africa. For more than a decade, TECNO has been making huge progress in the areas of artificial intelligence voice recognition and visual perception, dark skin tone photo algorithms, smart charging and super power saving, etc., and has become a leading brand in Africa. TECNO has been providing African users with high-quality devices and Internet services, and bringing a smarter lifestyle with outstanding product quality.

Lights of the drones illuminated the night, and the wings of the future are spreading their wings to take off. In the future, TECNO will always innovate with Africa, bringing more breakthroughs and innovative experiences to African sports, African technology and African people.

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