Civil Society Group calls for Investigation on Bunge la Mwananchi imposter president Francis Owino over Blackmail Misuse of Courts and Crime


The Flash Out Civil Society Group, has called on Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja to rein in on the self proclaimed imposter claiming to be the president of the Bunge La Mwananchi group Francis Owino accusing him of not only being an imposter in the outspoken group, but for being allegedly an imposter and con-artist whose actions should face stern action. The group has called on Sakaja to be resolute stand against the violence-prone and illegal movement operating in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD).

At Jeevanji Gardens, the group alleges that the illegal movement, Bunge La Mwananchi, has not only brought criminals into the area but has also escalated its activities to the point of issuing threats against Governor Sakaja. The Flash Out Civil Society group has urged the Sakaja administration led by County Chief Officer for Enforcement to demonstrate firmness and promptly deploy County Askari to restore law and order at Jeevanji Gardens.

The group emphasizes the urgency of addressing the criminality associated with the movement, asserting that such actions should not be ignored. Numerous complaints from Nairobians who frequent Jeevanji Gardens highlight concerns about the toxic, negative, and emotionally charged debates orchestrated by Bunge La Mwananchi. Francis Owino and Maurice Masiga are specifically identified as leaders of this allegedly anti-government CBD movement.

As tensions rise, the Flash Out Civil Society group urges swift intervention to safeguard public spaces from criminal activities and disruptive behavior. The plea calls for a united front against actions that not only threaten the safety of citizens but also tarnish the reputation of a vital public space within Nairobi’s CBD. The group stresses the importance of maintaining law and order to ensure the well-being of Nairobians and preserve the integrity of public spaces for positive communal engagement.

In a recent turn of events, the self-proclaimed president of the illegal movement known as Bunge La Mwananchi, found himself under scrutiny as the Flash Out Civil Society group demanded for a thorough investigation into allegations of blackmail, harassment, and misuse of courts.

Owino, who has been vocal against the government of William Ruto, is accused of issuing threats to the Nairobi City County Government in an attempt to revive the banned and illegal Bunge La Mwananchi movement. The group, known for its involvement in cartels and conmanship, is allegedly entangled in a network of corruption and misconduct.

The Flash Out Civil Society group specifically points to Owino’s involvement in a case against the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO, where he is accused of blackmailing the CEO. Maurice Masiga, identified as Owino’s current henchman, is also implicated in the alleged threats against the TSC CEO.

The character of Francis Owino has as well being brought into question, with accusations of a pattern of blackmail and misuse of courts. The group claims that cases filed by Owino in the Human Rights Court Division Registrar are never concluded and are used as tools to scam victims, particularly in cases related to the High Court’s Human Rights Division.

The group emphasizes the need to fight corruption within the judiciary, highlighting concerns about a well-orchestrated network at the Human Rights Court Division Registrar.

This call for investigation aligns with government efforts, including those of His Excellency The President William Ruto, to address corruption and root out cartels that allegedly undermine government officers and policies for personal gain. The Flash Out Civil Society group asserts that investigating individuals like Francis Owino is crucial for supporting government interventions against corruption and preserving the integrity of the judiciary.

As these allegations unfold, the public awaits the outcomes of any potential investigations, hoping for transparency and accountability in addressing these serious accusations against Francis Owino and Maurice Masiga.

Francis Owino has been on the headlines for alleged blackmail and harassment cases in the case of Teachers Service Commission TSC CEO, in which Owino is accused of blackmailing the CEO, and he was assisted by his current henchman Maurice Masiga, who has threatened the CEO severally in letters.

Imposter President of Illegal Movement known as Bunge La Mwananchi has began fighting the government of William Ruto and also issuing threats to Nairobi City County Government to forcibly have a banned and illegal movement getting entangled in cartels and conmanship style unlike what Gaucho showed.

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