Optiven’s USA Journey: Strengthening Ties and Delivering on Commitments

Optiven's USA Journey: Strengthening Ties and Delivering on Commitments

Optiven's USA Journey: Strengthening Ties and Delivering on Commitments

In a much-anticipated announcement, Optiven is delighted to reveal its return to the United States, marking a momentous occasion for the real estate powerhouse.

The USA tour will commence on From April 10th onwards

During the visit, Optiven embark on a cross-country journey, fostering connections with valued investors and fulfilling a promise that has been long-awaited โ€“ the delivery of title deeds to its customers

During an interview, Optiven founder George Wachiuri expressed that the return to the USA underscores the companyโ€™s renewed commitment to building relationships and keeping its promises.

He conveyed the teamโ€™s eagerness to reconnect with investors, share success stories, and personally hand over well-deserved title deeds during the upcoming tour.

Kenyans residing in the USA are encouraged to mark their calendars for Optivenโ€™s tour dates:

10th-16th April โ€“ Los Angeles

 18th-23rd April โ€“ Phoenix, Arizona

25th-30th April โ€“ Mugumo Farm, Oakland, San Leandro, Sacramento

2nd-7th May โ€“ Santa Rosa, California

9th-14th May โ€“ Seattle, Washington

16th-21st May โ€“ Colombus, Ohio

โ€œOptiven invites its esteemed investors to anticipate the arrival of the Optiven team and share their preferred meeting locations, โ€œWachiuri said during interview.

He said that as March unfolds, Optiven is providing its investors with a unique opportunity to return home with up to 118k, aligning with the companyโ€™s commitment to social-economic transformation.

He said that in the latest campaign, โ€œOkoa 118k Huu Mwezi na Optiven,โ€ underscores the success of the Joy Lovers Club in Malindi โ€“ a premier project currently on sale.

โ€œInvestors who participate and make payments within three days will enjoy a substantial return on investment, exemplifying Optivenโ€™s dedication to delivering value to its clientele,โ€™ he said.

In addition to these exciting developments on the USA tour, Optiven has continuing title deed issuance tour of Australia.

The Australia tour commenced on 1st march and is expected to end on 25th, 2024.

This international reach highlights Optivenโ€™s commitment to fulfilling its promises and ensuring that investors receive the documentation that secures their property ownership.

For further details and to stay updated on Optivenโ€™s activities, investors are encouraged to contact +254 790 667 799 or visit the official website here.


Website: Optiven

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