Matatu Association Holds A Road Safety Clinic At Kasarani



The Matatu Owners Association Of Kenya in collaboration with NTSA held a road safety clinic in Kasarani Nairobi county today.

The initiative saw public service vehicles from all over Nairobi come for the inspection with many praising the two organisations for taking the initiative to ensure road users are safe.

The police also collaborated providing a venue and ensuring the the public service vehicles inspected were road worthy and everything was functioning fine.

Matatu Owners Association CEO said,”We care for road users and we want to ensure that they are safe at all times.We have partnered with NTSA and the police to ensure that we serve the public efficiently.”

He added,”We look forward to working with the police and NTSA on future exercises.So far our collaboration has worked beautifully and we would like to commend public service drivers and conductors for showing up for the inspection.”

The Matatu Owners Association is an organisation that ensures the needs of the public and matatu owners are met nationwide.They were incorporated over 20 years ago and so far have a reputation for exemplary services.

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