Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Anne Maina.
I’m the deputy partner and CEO of Wengi Economics.I’m also by professional training an economist.

How long have you been there as the CEO?I’ve been the CEO for the last three years.

Tell us a bit more about Wengi Economics:

Wengi economics is a program
that has been coined
to bring together business professionals to offer solutions to members of the public,businesses and governments.

Why did you choose to work with SMEs instead of large organizations?

SMEs are the most employers
and the most contributors of the economy.So we deemed it important to work with them and help them grow so that they can create more job opportunities.We also want to work with the government to create more job opportunities on the country.

What do you love most about your field of work?
What I love most about my field is being able to lead people, being able to manage people,coming up
with new models on how we can be able to help our economy in terms of how to do things.This also includes mentoring young professionals to become entrepreneurs who think about innovation and progress

What is the secret to being an amazing leader like yourself?
The secret to being an amazing leader is being able to
be knowledgeable,
never leave research
and learning,
always be open to
learning something new.
The other secret is
about being able to go with people,not to let them go,
go with people.
If you have a project
that you’re doing, always
go with the people also build,believe and listen to your team.

So where do you see
your organization in
the next ten years?Given
the government’s mandate
to be able to drive
economic development.
I see us being able to partner with the government
and driving the agenda
of economic development and in the long run, being able to create jobs in the country.

What would you like
your legacy to be?

I would like to be able to have a platform that offers solutions
and especially
employment solutions
to the government.This employment solution will be
in terms of SMEs and startups.

What message do you have for those who look up to you?Invest in education, skills,
competences and focus on belonging to a professional group like Sichangi.

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